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Are you suffering? Have you tried physio, osteopathy? Are you worried that you'll never get better? Stop worrying and stop suffering.

I have been specialising in severe back pain treatment programmes for 6 years. I use a range of skills and techniques all intended to reduce soft tissue involvement, improve alignment and posture. Once the acute problem is treated, you will be stronger and more flexible than before so you're much less likely to develop the same problem again. Sounds too good to be true? Well I don't blame you for being sceptical, but I have many, many satisfied patients.

Read on if you need convincing...



The Pain Can Be Unbearable · Believe Me I Know

Back pain and associated sciatic pain can be a severe, debilitating condition which has a major impact on the life of the sufferer and their family. I should know. After a successful career as a dancer, performing in the West End and abroad, I developed severe problems with my back which ended my career and left me feeling completely stuck. Determined to regain my health and my life ... I sought help and discovered physical therapy.

Physical Therapy · Sort Out The Soft Tissues · That's Where The Pain Is · Logical

Imagine your spine as the mast of a ship; the postural muscles are the guy ropes that keep the mast stable. In effect they bend and flex in order for your spine to move freely ... until you injure yourself or damage the mast in some way. That is when the guy ropes tighten and contract to such a degree that there is no longer flexibility and free movement. This leads to pain and debility.

Inflammation ensues, increasing the muscle spasm, lack of fluid flow to the area, toxin build up, lethargy and more pain.

By stretching, softening and manipulating these tissues; muscles, ligaments & tendons we can ease the mast back into action and decrease the pain. This is a gradual process ...

A Typical Course

Once a week initially to really start to undo the spasm, decrease inflammation and encourage the healing process. This steps down to 2 weekly after about 6 weeks (every case is individual). After this 4-6 monthly sessions as an MOT or reminder and to check the ongoing progress. Most people start to feel significantly better within first 2 weeks of treatment.

Other Elements Of My Treatment Programme

Just locating the cause of the problem and treating it will make you aware of your body and how you use it. It's empowering, I hear this on a regular basis from patients. To significantly improve your rehabilitation process I can advise on seating, postural training, sleep position, gait pattern and have products at hand to help you; such as seat wedges, chairs and MBT's to name but a few.

Other Kind Of Help

Soft tissue manipulation is at the heart of what I do but other techniques and approaches are important where appropriate.

Your Bit

You need to be prepared to follow through and commit to the treatment programme of exercises and stretches to get better quickly and stay well. If you do your bit, I'll do mine and together we'll fix your back ... it's a 2 way street!

Take that step, make an appointment, prepare to feel better ... click here to book now.